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Fresh Produce

We are extremely proud of our fresh produce selection, mostly sourced from the legendary New Covent Garden Market. 

Most of our fruit and veg looks quite different from in the supermarkets - super sized tomatoes, carrots with long green stalks  and mint that just smells divine! 

Our produce is almost all sold loose - which is good for you (you only have to buy what you need) and good for the planet. 

All our eggs are free range and/or organic, we stock Clarence Court , Cacklebean eggs and Haresfield Farm.

Our milk suppliers are Yeo, The Estate Dairy and Co op milk along with a lot of dairy free alternates.


Organic and/or whole and semi-skimmed milk, what do you prefer?

Fresh and dried herbs, whatever you need for your home-cooked dinner

A great range of seasonal and exotic fruit and vegetables

Free range and/or organic large eggs from farms across the UK

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