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This is an extremely popular section in our shop. Not only do we have 5 types of soy sauce, but everything to make your sushi from scratch. Clearspring is an outstanding Japanese organic brand that we have in stock abs their miso and noodles are customer favourites. Beyond the average grocery shop offer, we also sell gyoza, dumpling and spring roll wraps to help adventurous chefs cook from scratch. However we also sell Itsu abs Yutaka frozen gyoza abs Booboa buns for those without so much time or skill! And then there are Little Moon mochi for desert. Yum.
We’re delighted to stock award winning fresh Thai pastes and kimchi from a local company ( the fabulous Katy) MyPopUpKitchen.

We also sell great curry kits , spices, naans and more mango chutneys than us strictly necessary.
Our complete range of Al Fez products offer a complex, but less ‘hit’ slice experience for those who enjoy Middle Eastern cuisine.


Far East Asian Cuisine

Further Afield

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